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Cornish Smuggler Cheese
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Welcome to the world of Cornish Smuggler Cheese, a true artisan cheese that will delight your senses. Made by the talented Sue Proudfoot of Whalesborough Farm in Bude, Cornwall, this local treasure is crafted with care using locally sourced pasteurized cow’s milk. With its striking appearance and deep creamy flavor, Cornish Smuggler Cheese is a must-try for cheese lovers and connoisseurs alike.

As one of Cornwall’s finest dairy products, Cornish Smuggler Cheese stands out with its red-orange veining, achieved through the addition of annatto, a natural vegetable dye. It is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with other cheeses, this local delight will certainly elevate your cheeseboard.

Cornwall has a rich tradition of producing exceptional cheeses, and Cornish Smuggler Cheese is just one example. From Cornish Blue to Cornish Camembert, Stithians Cheese to Davidstow Cheddar, the region’s culinary heritage shines through its diverse cheese offerings. Every bite is a testament to the dedication and skill of Cornish producers.

So, embark on a journey through the flavors of Cornwall and experience the mouthwatering delights of Cornish Smuggler Cheese. Immerse yourself in the craftsmanship, passion, and tradition of this small-batch, farmhouse cheese. Your taste buds will thank you.

The Story Behind Cornish Smuggler Cheese

Meet Sue Proudfoot, the talented creator of Cornish Smuggler Cheese. Over a decade ago, Sue embarked on her cheesemaking journey at her family farm, Whalesborough Farm, located near the charming coastal town of Bude in Cornwall.

With unwavering dedication and a commitment to quality, Sue honed her skills to become a highly skilled cheesemaker. Her handcrafted cheeses have garnered acclaim, earning her numerous awards at prestigious cheese shows. Sue’s expertise and passion have made her cheeses sought after by renowned establishments such as Paxton & Whitfield and Fortnum & Mason.

“I believe in preserving the tradition of artisan cheesemaking while constantly exploring new flavors and techniques.”

Sue’s meticulously crafted cheeses, including the delicious Cornish Smuggler Cheese, each possess their own unique recipe and characteristics, making them a true testament to her individuality and expertise.

Whalesborough Farm

The Legacy of Sue Proudfoot and Whalesborough Farm

Whalesborough Farm has a rich history dating back centuries. Nestled in the picturesque Cornish countryside, the farm’s fertile lands and pure, fresh cow’s milk provide the foundation for Sue’s exceptional cheeses.

Beyond Cornish Smuggler Cheese, Sue has also perfected other delectable creations, including Cornish Blue, Cornish Camembert, Stithians Cheese, and Davidstow Cheddar. Each cheese showcases Sue’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

Cheese Description
Cornish Blue A young and buttery cheese with a mild yet distinct flavor.
Cornish Camembert A rich and creamy cheese with a velvety texture and delicate aroma.
Stithians Cheese A limited edition artisan cheese, carefully crafted with a delightful complexity of flavors.
Davidstow Cheddar Tangy and matured to perfection, this cheddar is a true Cornish classic.

Through her dedication and passion, Sue Proudfoot has left an indelible mark on the world of Cornish cheese. Her cheeses not only showcase the rich culinary heritage of Cornwall but also embody the spirit of artisan cheesemaking.

The Unique Characteristics of Cornish Smuggler Cheese

When it comes to creating the perfect cheeseboard, one cheese that should not be missed is Cornish Smuggler Cheese. With its beautiful red-orange veins, courtesy of the annatto used in its production, this veined cheese is truly a visual delight.

But Cornish Smuggler Cheese is not just about looks. Its flavor profile is equally impressive, with a sweet, buttery, and creamy taste that captivates the palate. Each bite is a symphony of flavors that showcases the craftsmanship of the cheesemaker.

Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with other cheeses, Cornish Smuggler Cheese is a crowd favorite that brings both visual appeal and a delightful creamy flavor to any cheeseboard. Its unique characteristics are what make it stand out and leave a lasting impression on cheese connoisseurs.

As you explore the world of artisan cheeses, don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor Cornish Smuggler Cheese. Its striking appearance, creamy flavor, and the touch of annatto that gives it that vibrant hue all come together to create a cheese that deserves a place of honor on your cheeseboard.

Cheese Characteristics Description
Appearance Beautiful red-orange veins created by annatto
Flavor Sweet, buttery, and creamy
Texture Smooth and velvety
Perfect for Pairing with crusty bread, fruit, and nuts

“Cornish Smuggler Cheese brings together visual appeal and a delightful creamy flavor, making it a must-have for any cheeseboard.”

So, the next time you plan to indulge in a cheeseboard, make sure to include Cornish Smuggler Cheese for a truly memorable experience.


The Legacy of Cornish Cheese

Cornish Smuggler Cheese is just one example of the rich tradition of Cornish cheese. Other notable Cornish cheeses include Cornish Blue, Cornish Camembert, Stithians Cheese, and Davidstow Cheddar. These cheeses represent the diversity and excellence of Cornish cuisine, showcasing the region’s passion for quality dairy products and local ingredients.

Cornish Blue is a young and buttery cheese, perfect for those who prefer a milder flavor. With its creamy texture and delicate tang, it pairs well with fruits and crackers, making it a versatile choice for any cheeseboard.

Cornish Blue Cheese

For those who crave a richer and more indulgent experience, Cornish Camembert is a must-try. This soft and creamy cheese boasts a delicate bloomy rind and a smooth, velvety interior. Spread it on crusty bread or enjoy it with fresh figs for a true gourmet treat.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, Stithians Cheese is a limited edition artisan cheese that is sure to impress. Made in small batches, this cheese showcases the skills and creativity of Cornish cheesemakers. Its complex flavor profile and distinctive characteristics set it apart from mass-produced cheeses.

Davidstow Cheddar, on the other hand, is a beloved Cornish cheese that has gained recognition for its tangy flavor and varying maturities. From mild and creamy to extra mature and crumbly, Davidstow Cheddar offers options for every cheese lover’s preference.

Indulging in Cornish cheese is not only a gastronomic delight but also a way to immerse yourself in the unique flavors and traditions of Cornish cuisine. Whether enjoyed on its own, accompanied by local chutneys and preserves, or incorporated into traditional Cornish dishes, these cheeses are a true embodiment of the region’s culinary heritage.


Cornish Smuggler Cheese and other artisan cheeses from Cornwall are the pride and joy of dedicated Cornish producers. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, these small-batch, farmhouse cheeses embody the rich tradition and passion for cheese in the region. So, whether you’re a cheese enthusiast or simply looking to try something new, indulging in the delights of Cornish Smuggler Cheese and other local cheeses will transport your taste buds to the picturesque landscapes of Cornwall.

Wherever you may be, you can savor the flavors of Cornwall by supporting Cornish producers who pour their heart and soul into creating exceptional cheeses. The small-batch production ensures that each cheese is given the utmost attention, resulting in a superior taste and texture. From the creamy and tangy Cornish Blue to the rich and buttery Cornish Camembert, you’ll find a wide range of flavors to suit your palate.

When you enjoy Cornish Smuggler Cheese and other artisan cheeses, you contribute to the preservation of Cornish culinary heritage and support local farmers. Every bite is a tribute to the skill and dedication of Cornish cheesemakers, making it not just a gastronomic experience, but also a journey into the heart of Cornwall.


What is Cornish Smuggler Cheese?

Cornish Smuggler Cheese is an award-winning artisan cheese made by Sue Proudfoot of Whalesborough Farm in Bude, Cornwall. It is a local farmhouse cheese handcrafted using locally sourced pasteurized cow’s milk.

What gives Cornish Smuggler Cheese its unique appearance?

Cornish Smuggler Cheese has striking red-orange veining, thanks to the addition of annatto, a natural vegetable dye. The annatto gives the cheese its visually captivating look.

How does Cornish Smuggler Cheese taste?

Cornish Smuggler Cheese has a deep, creamy flavor profile that is sweet and buttery. It is loved by cheese connoisseurs for its rich and enticing taste.

Are there other notable Cornish cheeses besides Cornish Smuggler Cheese?

Yes, there are several other renowned Cornish cheeses. Some examples include Cornish Blue, Cornish Camembert, Stithians Cheese, and Davidstow Cheddar. Each cheese has its own unique recipe and characteristics.

Who are Cornish producers?

Cornish producers are dedicated individuals who prioritize quality and craftsmanship in making artisan cheeses. They are small-batch, farmhouse cheese makers who contribute to the rich tradition of Cornish cheese.

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