Moose Cheese: A Unique Delicacy Explored

Moose cheese
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Welcome to the world of moose cheese, a rare and unique gourmet delight. If you’re a connoisseur of artisanal and specialty cheese, you’re in for a treat. Moose cheese, known for its exquisite flavors and limited availability, is a delicacy like no other. Produced in the Elk House farm in Bjurholm, Sweden, this rare cheese is made from the milk of three moose sisters – Gullan, Haelga, and Juno.

These gentle moose only produce milk from May to September, making the production process a labor of love. Each day, skilled artisans coax a mere five liters of milk from these magnificent animals.

The Johanssons, owners of the Elk House, transform the moose milk into four varieties of moose cheese. From a soft and creamy white-mold cheese to a tangy blue cheese and a feta preserved in vegetable oil, each variety offers a unique taste experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Moose cheese is considered one of the most expensive cheeses in the world, with prices that can reach up to $500 per pound. Its exclusivity and distinctive flavors have made it a sought-after delicacy among gourmet cheese lovers.

While moose cheese is available at select restaurants in Sweden, the best way to experience it is by visiting the Elk House farm itself. Immerse yourself in the world of moose cheese, sample the flavors, and witness the dedication that goes into creating this exquisite gourmet delight.

The Fascination with Moose Cheese

Moose cheese has captivated cheese enthusiasts around the world with its unique production process and high price tag. Made from the milk of moose cows, this exotic cheese is considered a delicacy and is highly sought after by gourmet cheese connoisseurs.

The Elk House in Sweden stands out as one of the few farms in Europe that produces moose cheese. Unlike traditional dairy cows, moose cows are typically wild animals, making the process of milking them even more extraordinary. To allow for milking, the moose sisters Gullan, Haelga, and Juno at the Elk House have been domesticated, creating a specialized and labor-intensive production process.

Moose cheese is often associated with Canadian cuisine, as moose are commonly found in Canada. The rich, creamy flavor and unique texture of this cheese make it a popular choice among cheese lovers looking to explore new and exotic flavors.

Moose Cheese Facts Benefits of Moose Cheese
Made from the milk of domesticated moose cows Rich in protein and calcium
Labor-intensive production process Offers a unique and rare taste experience
Considered a delicacy in gourmet cuisine Sought after by cheese connoisseurs
Associated with Canadian gastronomy Adds an exotic twist to cheese platters

Whether enjoyed on its own or incorporated into a variety of dishes, moose cheese is sure to delight the taste buds of those seeking an extraordinary culinary experience.

Moose cheese

The Challenges of Moose-Milking

Milking moose is no easy feat, given the unpredictable temperament of these majestic creatures. At the Elk House farm in Sweden, the moose cows have been domesticated to enable the milking process for the production of artisanal moose milk cheese. These three cows, affectionately named Gullan, Haelga, and Juno, reside outdoors year-round and were once abandoned calves found in the woods. Over time, the Johansson family, owners of the farm, nurtured a bond of trust with the moose cows, making milking possible.

Milking a moose cow requires both patience and skill. Each session can vary widely in duration, taking anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Despite the challenges, the reward is substantial, as each cow produces up to 1 gallon of milk per day. However, the lactation period for moose cows only occurs from May to September, adding to the scarcity and cost of moose cheese. The laborious process involved in milking moose cows is a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship required to produce this unique and specialty cheese.

moose milk cheese

“Milking moose cows is a true labor of love. It requires not only a deep understanding of these magnificent animals but also a commitment to preserving their natural habitat and ensuring their well-being. The challenges we face in the moose-milking process are all worth it when we see the final product – a truly exceptional and unique cheese that reflects our passion and devotion to our craft.”

– The Johansson Family

The Allure of Moose Cheese

The high price of moose cheese adds to its allure and exclusivity. At 7,500 kronor per kilogram (around $500 per pound), moose cheese is considered a luxury delicacy. Upscale hotels and restaurants in Sweden are the primary consumers of this rare cheese.

The Moose House, a moose dairy farm in Bjursholm, Sweden, offers visitors the opportunity to sample and purchase moose cheese on-site. The farm hopes to expand its export capabilities in the future, particularly for their popular feta-type cheese that is preserved in oil.

The unique taste, combined with the limited availability and high price, makes moose cheese a truly indulgent and sought-after gourmet delight.

Experience Luxury and Exclusivity

Guests visiting the Moose House have the opportunity to indulge in the exquisite flavors of moose cheese. The farm’s commitment to producing high-quality, artisanal gourmet cheese makes it a haven for cheese connoisseurs.

“Moose cheese is like no other. Its rich and creamy texture, coupled with its distinct flavor profile, is a sensory experience like no other.”

– Chef Henrik Andersson

Whether you’re a cheese enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and rare culinary experience, a visit to the Moose House promises to delight your taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

The Moose House: A Destination Like No Other

Located in the beautiful countryside of Bjursholm, Sweden, the Moose House offers more than just a cheese-tasting experience. The farm is nestled in a picturesque setting and provides various activities for visitors to enjoy.

  • Take a guided tour of the farm and learn about the moose cows and the intricate process of making moose cheese.
  • Explore the farm’s stunning surroundings with hiking and nature walks.
  • Indulge in a picnic featuring delectable Swedish delicacies paired with moose cheese.

With its idyllic scenery, warm hospitality, and a chance to try the luxurious moose cheese, a visit to the Moose House is an unforgettable journey into the world of gourmet cheese.

moose cheese

Immerse yourself in the allure of moose cheese and discover the flavors that have captivated cheese connoisseurs around the world.

The Journey to Experience Moose Cheese

To fully experience and appreciate the taste of moose cheese, a trip to Sweden is in order. The Elk House farm in Bjurholm is the main attraction for cheese enthusiasts seeking this artisanal cheese. The farm, encompassing 59 acres, offers more than just moose cheese. Visitors can engage in various activities such as fishing, golf, canoe tours, horseback riding, and even scooter safaris during winter.

The Journey to Experience Moose Cheese

The Moose Farm attracts approximately 25,000 visitors each year, and the cheese is available for sampling and purchase. Traveling to the Moose House allows individuals to immerse themselves in the world of moose cheese and experience the rare and exquisite flavors firsthand.

Activities at the Elk House Farm

The Elk House farm offers a wide range of activities that cater to different interests. Here are some highlights:

  • Fishing: Enjoy a peaceful day by the water, casting your line and trying to catch some fresh fish.
  • Golf: Play a round of golf on the farm’s scenic golf course, surrounded by the beautiful Swedish countryside.
  • Canoe tours: Embark on a guided canoe tour and explore the serene lakes and rivers nearby.
  • Horseback riding: Take a ride through the picturesque landscapes on a friendly horse.
  • Scooter safaris: During winter, hop on a snowmobile and venture into the snow-covered wilderness.

After enjoying these activities, make sure to visit the Moose House and savor the unique flavors of moose cheese.

Highlights of the Elk House Farm Availability
Fishing Year-round
Golf April to October
Canoe tours May to September
Horseback riding Year-round
Scooter safaris November to March


Moose cheese is a true gourmet indulgence, renowned for its uniqueness and rarity. Crafted on the Elk House farm in Sweden, this artisanal cheese is made from the milk of domesticated moose cows named Gullan, Haelga, and Juno. The painstaking process of milking these majestic creatures, combined with their limited lactation period, contributes to the esteemed price and exclusivity of moose cheese.

With its distinctive flavors and textures, moose cheese has become a sought-after delicacy among discerning cheese lovers. Often reserved for upscale hotels and restaurants, this rare cheese embodies the epitome of gourmet dining. Its luxurious appeal lies in the blend of intricate flavors and meticulously crafted artisanship, making each bite an unforgettable experience.

To truly savor the allure of moose cheese, a gastronomic journey to Sweden is a must. At the Elk House farm, visitors can sample and purchase this extraordinary cheese, immersing themselves in its rich heritage. The farm offers an array of activities and beautiful surroundings, ensuring a memorable experience for cheese enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. While originating in Sweden, the reputation of moose cheese as a rare and exquisite delight continues to captivate palates around the world.


What makes moose cheese unique?

Moose cheese is unique because it is made from the milk of moose cows, which are typically wild animals. The labor-intensive process of domesticating and milking the moose, combined with the limited lactation period, contributes to its exclusivity and rarity.

Where is moose cheese produced?

Moose cheese is primarily produced at the Elk House farm in Bjurholm, Sweden. This farm is one of the few places in Europe that produces moose cheese and is known for its high-quality artisanal varieties.

How is moose cheese made?

Moose cheese is made by milking domesticated moose cows named Gullan, Haelga, and Juno at the Elk House farm. The milk is then carefully processed to create different varieties of moose cheese, including soft white-mold, creamy blue cheese, dried blue cheese, and feta preserved in vegetable oil.

Why is moose cheese expensive?

Moose cheese is considered one of the most expensive cheeses in the world, with prices reaching up to $500 per pound. The high cost is due to the labor-intensive process of milking moose cows, the limited lactation period, and the rarity and exclusivity of the cheese.

Where can I buy moose cheese?

Moose cheese is primarily available at select restaurants and upscale hotels in Sweden. The Elk House farm in Bjurholm also offers visitors the opportunity to sample and purchase moose cheese on-site.

How can I experience moose cheese?

To fully experience and appreciate moose cheese, a trip to Sweden is recommended. The Elk House farm in Bjurholm offers various activities and allows visitors to sample and purchase moose cheese. It is the best way to immerse yourself in the world of this unique and exquisite cheese.

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