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Cape Vessey Cheese
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Welcome to your journey of culinary delight as we invite you to experience the exquisite flavors of Cape Vessey Cheese. This artisanal, gourmet cheese is a true masterpiece created by Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Prepare your taste buds for a remarkable sensory experience!

Cape Vessey Cheese is a semi-soft, washed-rind goat’s milk cheese that boasts a unique and captivating flavor profile. Its rustic honey-brown rind hides a delicate, pale cream-colored paste that melts in your mouth, leaving you craving for more.

What sets Cape Vessey apart is its exceptional production process. Made from high-quality goat’s milk sourced from local farms dedicated to humane animal treatment and safe environmental practices, every step of cheese making is meticulously carried out to ensure the highest quality product.

The cheese is aged for two to three months, resulting in a mild flavor for a washed-rind cheese. This aging process allows the flavors to develop and harmonize, resulting in a cheese that is both sweet and subtly tangy, with a hint of goaty acidity.

Cape Vessey Cheese is a true delicacy that will elevate any cheese tasting or pairing experience. Its versatility makes it an ideal companion for a wide range of flavors, making it a must-have for cheese connoisseurs and food enthusiasts alike.

If you’re a cheese lover on the lookout for truly exceptional artisanal cheeses, Cape Vessey Cheese is a must-try. Whether you enjoy it on its own, paired with your favorite wine, or incorporated into various gourmet recipes, this cheese will undoubtedly impress your palate with its rich taste and luxurious texture.

Stay tuned to learn more about the traditional cheese-making process at Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co., their sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and where you can find Cape Vessey Cheese and other award-winning cheeses they offer.

The Artisan Cheese Making Process at Fifth Town

At Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co., every wheel of Cape Vessey cheese is crafted with care and attention using a traditional and artisanal cheese making process. The result is a cheese that boasts exceptional freshness and flavor.

The cheese making process begins with the finest quality milk sourced from local farms that prioritize natural and sustainable practices. This ensures that only the best ingredients go into each wheel of Cape Vessey cheese, creating a product that is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly.

Once the milk is collected, the curds are lightly cooked to achieve the perfect consistency. They are then hand-pressed and poured into molds, where they will take shape and develop their unique flavors over time. After one to two hours, the wheels are turned and drained overnight, allowing them to further develop their distinct characteristics.

Next, the cheese wheels are brined for 18 to 24 hours, enhancing their flavors and textures. This meticulous step adds depth to the taste profile of Cape Vessey cheese, ensuring a truly memorable eating experience.

After the brining process, the cheese wheels are carefully aged in underground caves. This controlled environment allows for the development of complex flavors and textures, giving Cape Vessey its signature taste. The aging process can take several months, during which the cheese is regularly monitored and cared for to ensure optimal quality.

Through every step of the cheese making process, Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. combines traditional techniques with a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. This dedication to producing artisanal cheese with a low ecological footprint sets Fifth Town apart in the industry.

Cheese Making Steps Description
1. Milk Sourcing The milk used in Cape Vessey cheese is sourced from local farms that prioritize natural and sustainable practices.
2. Curd Formation The curds are lightly cooked, hand-pressed, and poured into molds to take shape and develop flavors.
3. Turning and Draining The cheese wheels are turned and drained overnight to further develop their unique characteristics.
4. Brining The cheese wheels are brined for 18 to 24 hours to enhance their flavors and textures.
5. Aging The cheese wheels are aged in underground caves for several months to develop complex flavors and textures.

The Sustainable and Green Practices of Fifth Town

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. is committed to being an environmentally friendly and sustainable dairy. They prioritize the use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient practices to minimize their ecological impact.

The dairy facility is constructed using 80% recycled or recyclable materials, making it the greenest dairy in North America. By incorporating sustainable materials into their building, Fifth Town reduces waste and supports a circular economy.

A key feature of their eco-conscious approach is the use of a geothermal system for heating and cooling. This system harnesses the natural heat from the earth, reducing energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels. Not only does this help protect the planet, but it also ensures a more sustainable future for the dairy industry.

Fifth Town is also in the process of obtaining platinum-level certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This prestigious certification recognizes their commitment to sustainable building practices and their efforts to create a more environmentally friendly facility.

“At Fifth Town, we believe that being environmentally responsible is not just an option; it is our moral obligation. By implementing sustainable practices, we strive to make a positive impact on the planet and inspire others to join us in creating a greener future.”

Through their green initiatives and LEED certification, Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. sets a shining example for other dairies to follow. They prove that delicious cheese can be produced without compromising the environment, and they inspire consumers to support environmentally friendly businesses.

Key highlights of Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co.’s sustainable practices:

  • 80% recycled or recyclable materials used in the dairy facility construction
  • Geothermal system for heating and cooling, reducing energy consumption
  • In the process of obtaining platinum-level certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

environmentally friendly

Sustainable Practices Benefits
Use of recycled or recyclable materials Reduces waste and supports circular economy
Geothermal heating and cooling system Reduces energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels
Obtaining LEED platinum-level certification Recognizes commitment to sustainable building practices

Cheese Tasting and Pairing Recommendations

Cape Vessey cheese from Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. is a versatile gourmet cheese that offers a delightful taste experience. Its sweet and delicate flavor profile makes it an excellent choice for cheese tasting and pairing. Whether you’re hosting a cheese tasting event or simply enjoying a cheese plate at home, here are some recommendations to enhance your culinary journey.

Cheese Tasting Tips

When tasting Cape Vessey, take note of its unique characteristics that make it special. Pay attention to:

  • The chewy texture that adds a satisfying element to each bite.
  • The slightly salty and creamy flavor that perfectly balances the sweetness.
  • The nuttiness in the center, which adds depth and complexity to the cheese.
  • The slightly yeasty flavor near the rind, providing a subtle tangy note.

Embrace your senses and explore the diverse flavors and textures that this cheese has to offer. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover your favorite combinations and truly appreciate the art of cheese tasting.

Cheese Pairing Recommendations

Cape Vessey pairs harmoniously with a wide range of flavors. Here are some suggestions for cheese pairing:

Pairing Description
Fruity Red Wines Pair Cape Vessey with bold and complex red wines like Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. The fruity and rich undertones of these wines complement the delicate sweetness of the cheese.
Spiced Nuts Enhance the nuttiness of Cape Vessey by serving it alongside spiced nuts, such as almonds or pecans. The contrasting textures and flavors create a delightful balance.
Fig Jam Spread a dollop of fig jam on a cracker with Cape Vessey for a perfect combination of sweet and savory. The fruity notes of the jam beautifully enhance the delicate flavor of the cheese.
Honeycomb Serve Cape Vessey with a slice of honeycomb to add a touch of natural sweetness. The smooth and delicate honey complements the creamy texture of the cheese.

Feel free to explore and experiment with different pairings to create your own gourmet experience. The versatility of Cape Vessey cheese opens up endless possibilities for delightful combinations.

cheese tasting

Where to Find Cape Vessey Cheese

If you’re craving the rich and flavorful taste of Cape Vessey cheese, you’re in luck. This artisanal delight can be found in select cheese shops and markets across Canada. Whether you’re in bustling Toronto or picturesque Prince Edward County, you can get your hands on this delectable treat.


In the heart of Toronto, you’ll find a few cheese shops that carry Cape Vessey. Stop by Leslieville Cheese Market, Pusateri’s, or Culinarium to satisfy your cheese cravings. These cheese shops are known for their wide selection of artisanal cheeses, making them the perfect destination for cheese enthusiasts.


If you happen to be in Kingston, head over to Pan Chancho for a taste of Cape Vessey cheese. This charming bakery and café not only offers delicious baked goods but also showcases an impressive selection of gourmet cheeses.


Visit Il Negozio Nicastro in Ottawa to discover the wonders of Cape Vessey cheese. This family-run Italian deli is a treasure trove of culinary delights, including an array of high-quality cheeses that will elevate your cheeseboard to new heights.

Prince Edward County:

If you find yourself in the scenic Prince Edward County, make your way to Pinch Gourmet. This local gem offers a carefully curated selection of artisanal products, including Cape Vessey cheese. Shop here and support the local community while indulging in the finest culinary delights.


On the West Coast, Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant Cheese is the perfect destination for cheese enthusiasts. Their knowledgeable staff will guide you through their impressive selection, including Cape Vessey cheese. Get your taste of Ontario’s artisanal cheese scene right in the heart of Vancouver.


For those in Calgary, Blush Lane Organic Market is your go-to spot for finding Cape Vessey cheese. This organic market prides itself on offering high-quality, sustainable products, and their selection of artisanal cheeses is no exception.

So no matter where you are in Canada, there’s a cheese shop or market near you where you can discover Cape Vessey cheese. Indulge in the rich and delicate flavors of this exceptional artisanal cheese and elevate your cheeseboard to new heights.

Other Award-Winning Cheeses from Fifth Town

At Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co., we take pride in producing a range of exceptional and award-winning cheeses that cater to every palate. In addition to our beloved Cape Vessey cheese, which offers a sweet and delicate flavor, we invite you to explore our other delectable creations.

One standout option is our Water Buffalo Parmesan, a dense and hard cheese that boasts nutty and complex flavors. Its firm texture and rich taste make it a perfect addition to a charcuterie board or grated over your favorite pasta dish.

For those craving a unique twist, our Lemon Fetish cheese is a must-try. This slightly crumbly cheese perfectly balances tangy citrus notes with a subtle touch of salt. It adds a refreshing and zesty flavor to salads, sandwiches, or as a delightful standalone snack.

If you appreciate the smooth and creamy goodness of cheddar, our Premium Goat Cheddar is sure to please. Made from 100% fresh goat milk sourced from Prince Edward County, this mild cheddar offers a mellow and creamy taste that pairs perfectly with crusty bread or crisp apple slices.

Furthermore, we’re proud to offer a selection of sheep’s milk cheeses. Lighthall Tomme is a light and nutty cow cheese that will delight your taste buds, while Truffalo, a buffalo milk cheese infused with black truffle, presents a luxurious combination of flavors that is truly irresistible.

At Fifth Town, we believe in crafting cheeses that not only satisfy your palate but also inspire and surprise. Each of our award-winning creations showcases our commitment to quality and innovation. Experience the artistry of our cheeses and discover the incredible flavors that await you.


What is Cape Vessey cheese?

Cape Vessey is a unique semi-soft, washed-rind goat’s milk cheese produced by Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. in Prince Edward County, Ontario. It has a rustic honey-brown rind and a pale cream-colored paste.

How is Cape Vessey cheese made?

Cape Vessey cheese is made using a traditional and artisanal cheese-making process. The curds are lightly cooked, hand-pressed, and poured into molds. They are then turned and drained overnight, brined for 18 to 24 hours, and aged in underground caves.

What is the flavor profile of Cape Vessey cheese?

Cape Vessey cheese has a sweet and delicate flavor with a hint of goaty acidity. It has a mildly salty and creamy taste with nuttiness in the center and a slightly yeasty flavor near the rind.

Where can I find Cape Vessey cheese?

Cape Vessey cheese can be found in select cheese shops and markets across Canada. In Toronto, it is available at Leslieville Cheese Market, Pusateri’s, and Culinarium. In Kingston, you can find it at Pan Chancho, while in Ottawa, it is available at Il Negozio Nicastro. If you’re in Prince Edward County, you can purchase Cape Vessey at Pinch Gourmet. For those in Vancouver, Mount Pleasant Cheese offers this artisanal cheese, and Blush Lane Organic Market in Calgary also carries Cape Vessey.

What are some other award-winning cheeses produced by Fifth Town?

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. produces a range of award-winning cheeses. Some notable options include Water Buffalo Parmesan, Lemon Fetish, Premium Goat Cheddar, Lighthall Tomme, and Truffalo.

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